By John Baron DDS
December 31, 2020
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How will you know that you need a root canal? Look for these common warning signs…

Knowing when your smile could benefit from root canal treatment is incredibly important, as this simple procedure could just end up saving your tooth. While we know that no one wants to discover that they need a root canal, it’s much better to find out early on and to treat the problem than it is to have the damaged tooth extracted later on. Here are the top signs that it’s time to see our Santa Cruz, CA, dentist Dr. John Baron for treatment,

  • You are experiencing a sharp, intense or throbbing pain in your tooth
  • Your pain gets worse when chewing or biting down
  • You notice a visible hole or discoloration in a tooth (a sign of deep decay)
  • Your tooth is suddenly sensitive to hot or cold temperature, or sugar
  • You notice a tooth is turning grey or getting darker
  • You notice a pimple-like growth develop on the gums (a sign of an infection)
  • You see that the gums around the tooth are red and swollen

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it’s imperative that you see our Santa Cruz, CA, family dentist right away for care. A toothache is considered a dental emergency, so the sooner you can get into our office the better. After all, everything from decay to an infection will only get worse unless it’s treated properly.

What is the purpose of a root canal?

The enamel and dentin layers protect the nerve inside the tooth; however, when a tooth has sustained an injury or has decay, the hard, outer layers can become damaged, making it possible for bacteria to enter the inside of the tooth and infect the nerve. Once the nerve or dental pulp of the tooth is inflamed or infected, the only option is to remove it. A root canal can remove the diseased tissue in order to save what’s left of the tooth.

Our goal as your Santa Cruz, CA, dentist is to provide you with the ultimate dental care you’re looking for in a welcoming, compassionate setting. No matter whether you need a root canal or a routine checkup, call us today at (831) 426-9200 to schedule your next visit.


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