June 04, 2013
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Tooth Sensitivity

Some people may have root surface sensitivity on their teeth.  The symptoms may feel like a nerve sensation at or near the gum line.  Some may have this nerve reaction that is triggered by tooth brushing, drinking something cold, eating or drinking something acidic or even breathing in cold air.  To ensure that it is root surface sensitivity and not decay, it is always recommended to check with your dentist or dental hygienist first.

The roots of teeth may have nerve tubules that are exposed on the surface.  These nerve tubules are invisible.  Most of the time the sensitive areas, or exposed nerve tubules, are on the surfaces of roots where the gum has receded.  When touched or triggered there is a pain reaction.

As a dental hygienist, I have learned about various products that are helpful.  Before the teeth are cleaned, I polish the patient’s sensitive teeth with Nupro prophylaxis paste with fluoride and NovaMin (a desensitizer).  It is also recommended that the patient use desensitizing tooth paste or cream at home.  We offer Dr. Collins Restore toothpaste and or MI Paste.  Different active ingredients work well for different people so I recommend that the patient try another product if one fails to provide relief. 


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