Dr. John Baron Gets to the Root of Root Canal Myths

You probably get a little anxious when thinking about dental procedures because you fear the thought of actually having a cavity.
Root Canal
If you missed a couple dental appointments and opted out of flossing and two-minute brushing, your oral hygiene habits and health probably aren’t up to par. Bad oral health is like a domino effect. If food particles and plaque bacteria aren’t properly removed, your enamel can start to break down, causing cavities. As bacteria continue to run its course, you can develop a dental infection. 
If an abscessed tooth (tooth infection) occurs, you need to remove it. To do this, we suggest root canal therapy. Santa Cruz residents, we know what you are thinking. A root canal is painful! Wouldn’t it be better to just pull the tooth? 
When it comes to root canal therapy, there are two common myths that many still believe in and Dr. John Baron can debunk.

Myth 1:  A root canal is painful

In a sense, this myth is correct. Pain can radiate through the root canals, but this doesn’t mean root canal therapy caused it. An abscessed tooth can be painful because the tooth’s pulp (nerve) becomes infected. This nerve branches out and continues down the tooth’s root through the canals. If you are experiencing pain, it’s truly before the root canal therapy—the procedure works to eliminate any pain the infection is causing you.

Myth 2: Extraction is better

Again, that is not entirely true. You want to preserve your natural tooth. Root canal therapy allows you to do just that. After removing the pulp, bacteria and debris, your dentist can prescribe antibiotics to fight infection. Afterwards, you will come in to have the tooth officially sealed. Thus, you don’t need to fret about finding a tooth replacement. However, if the infection is too severe, an extraction will be the better choice. It truly depends on what your dentist recommends for you.
To fight infection and save your tooth, root canal therapy gets to the root of the problem. And Dr. Baron gets to the root of root canal myths!
In Santa Cruz, root anal therapy is available at Dr. Baron’s dental practice. Call (831) 426-9200 for more information.


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