Santa Cruz Dentist Answers Common Questions About Dental Implants

People all across Santa Cruz are undergoing a restorative dental procedure. And many of them are most likely thinking about choosing dental implants as their next restorative treatment. An implant receives high recommendation from dentists because of the implant’s durable and aesthetic nature. Dr. John Baron gives a quick Q&A regarding dental implants in Santa Cruz. Read on to curb your curiosity. Dental Implant Santa Cruz

Q.What’s the process for getting dental implants?

A.When you are missing a tooth or teeth, dental implants are a long-term replacement option. Before the procedure, we address your needs and plan an individualized treatment plan. Implants are inserted into the jawbone where the tooth is missing. Your jawbone and gums heal around the metal post. After anchoring the post, an abutment is attached to the post. The new implant is secured to the abutment for a safe and perfect fit.

Q. Can I replace removable bridges or dentures with dental implants?

A. Yes. Dental implants are a great alternative to replace dentures or bridges. Dentists can safely secure a dental implant without any problem. Also, implants can be used to stabilize dentures or bridges. 

Q. Can anyone get dental implants?

A. It depends on whether or not your dentist considers you a good candidate for implants. We look at existing medical conditions (chronic diseases), gum and tooth issues, the immune system and unhealthy addictions (smoking, chewing, drinking, etc.). Dental implants have a high-success rate, but these factors need to be evaluated before further discussing the procedure.

Q. What advantages come with dental implants?

A. Dental implants feel and look natural, so no one can tell the difference between the implant and your natural teeth. Implants are considered one of the most durable options to replace a tooth or teeth. With proper care, implants can last a lifetime. Plus, it’s easier to speak and eat with implants. You don’t need to worry about them slipping.

Is there any questions we didn't cover for you? What do YOU want to know about dental implants? 



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