By E. John Baron DDS
April 25, 2018
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What your dentist in Santa Cruz wants you to knoworal  hygiene

Keeping good oral hygiene habits can mean the difference between a beautiful, healthy smile or a smile with red, bleeding gums, and cavity-filled teeth. So, are you keeping good oral hygiene habits? If not, it’s never too late to develop good oral hygiene habits. Dr. E. John Baron in Santa Cruz, CA wants to share what it means to practice good oral hygiene.

When you practice good oral hygiene habits, the goal is to remove plaque as frequently and completely as you can. That’s because plaque contains millions of microscopic bacteria that can destroy your smile. The bacteria produce toxins which are strong enough to eat through tough tooth enamel, infect your gums, and cause you to lose the bone supporting your teeth.

Now that you know why you should keep good oral hygiene habits, let’s concentrate on how to take care of your smile. Remember to:

Brush your teeth after each meal and before you go to bed. Sonic or electric toothbrushes can help because they flush out bacteria and food debris. If you would rather use a manual toothbrush, use a gentle, circular motion to brush all the surfaces of your teeth and along the gumline. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush along with toothpaste containing fluoride.

Floss every day. You can use waxed or unwaxed floss, or floss picks or holders if you have dexterity issues or arthritis. Make sure to wrap around the wide part of each tooth as you go down in between your teeth. This helps the floss to remain against the tooth surface.

Visit your dentist at least once each year for a thorough dental examination including x-rays. Regular exams and x-rays can help diagnose small dental issues before they become big dental problems. Don’t forget to have your teeth professionally cleaned every six months.

You deserve a beautiful, healthy smile for life and the first step is keeping good oral hygiene habits. Your dentist is your partner to help keep your smile healthy so schedule an appointment today by calling Dr. Baron in Santa Cruz, CA. Don’t wait to take care of your smile, call today!


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