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By John Baron DDS
June 17, 2021
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Losing a tooth can seriously impact your confidence and make you feel embarrassed to show off your smile. Dental technology has improved immensely over the years and now dental implants can help complete your smile. Dr. John Baron in Santa Cruz, CA, is here to help you understand how dental implants can fill in the gaps in your smile and if you’re a good candidate for them.

How Dental Implants Work

Losing a tooth doesn’t only affect the aesthetics of your smile but can also affect your oral health in the long run. When you lose your tooth, your gum loses the stimulation it once got from your tooth root and this can cause your jawbone to start to disintegrate and weaken, causing your face to sag. Dental implants from your dentist in Santa Cruz, CA, are made of a titanium post and a dental crown. The titanium post is inserted into the gums and fused into the jawbone, which helps provide that needed stimulation and helps keep your face from sagging in the future.

Once this titanium post is fused and your gums have healed, your dentist will cover it with a dental crown. The dental crown is custom-designed to match the shape and size of your natural teeth and will blend in seamlessly with your smile. Since the crown can also be color-matched, no one will ever notice you were missing a tooth in the first place.

Not only are dental implants natural-looking, but they’re functional and durable as well. Implants are strong enough to bite and chew just like a natural tooth and can last for years with proper care. It takes no extra effort to care for dental implants and your smile will be healthy as long as you brush and floss daily.

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