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By John Baron DDS
October 09, 2020
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Lost teeth could result in premature aging because of facial sagging. Without the tooth root’s support, the jawbone will eventually break down. As this happens, your facial structure could be compromised and cause that sunken hollow look to your cheeks.

Replacing lost teeth with dental implants, however, will prevent the jawbone’s deterioration and stimulate natural growth and regeneration. No other tooth replacement solution can do this. This is why aside from feeling and working like real teeth, dental implants are considered the best answer to missing teeth.

Here at E. John Baron DDS, INC. in Santa Cruz, CA, your dentist Dr. John Baron uses implants for replacing one or more missing teeth and securing a denture or bridge to replace multiple lost teeth.

Understanding How Dental Implants Work

One crucial benefit of implants over other teeth replacement options is that they directly connect and grow into the jawbone. Once you lose a tooth, bone loss is inevitable since the jawbone will no longer receive stimulation from the lost tooth root.

By utilizing a dental implant, which is constructed from titanium, to replace the lost tooth root, it will fuse with the jawbone and form a stable bond to support the restoration that will be placed on top of it. Keep in mind that the dental implant site will require several months to bond properly to ensure a healthy and sturdy fusion with the jawbone before the placement of the tooth restoration.

What’s in a Dental Implant?

In general, a dental implant comprises three parts, the implant post itself, the abutment, and the tooth restoration. The implant is a tiny threaded screw that will be implanted surgically into your jawbone. It functions as a synthetic tooth root and replaces the tooth root you lost along with you lost your tooth. The abutment is the part that connects the restoration to the dental implant.

The tooth restoration, which could be a crown, denture, or bridge, connects to the abutment, topping off the dental implants. The specific kind of restoration that will be used will depend on the number of lost teeth that need to be replaced. Regardless of which type of restoration, however, you can rest assured that your dentist in Santa Cruz, CA, will ensure that your custom restoration will match your other teeth.

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By John Baron DDS
October 07, 2020
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If you’re looking to finally take the plunge and get your misaligned teeth straightened out, Invisalign might be the solution for you. To find out if you’re eligible for this innovative orthodontic treatment, you will need to undergo an evaluation here at E. John Baron DDS, INC. in Santa Cruz, CA, by your dentist Dr. John Baron. Meanwhile, you need to understand how Invisalign works to give you a straighter smile on your terms.

Creating Your Invisalign Treatment Plan

Once your dentist has determined that you’re a great fit for Invisalign aligners, photos of your face and teeth, digital x-rays, and digital scans of your teeth will be taken. A 3D computer imaging tool will then be used for generating a comprehensive treatment plan starting from your teeth’s initial position to their supposed positions after completion of the treatment. You then wait for a month or so for your Invisalign aligners to be fabricated.

How Invisalign Will Straighten Your Teeth

You will have to wear each Invisalign aligner or tray for one or two weeks and then move on to the succeeding aligner. Invisalign moves your teeth in position in tiny increments so expect each aligner to be more fitted than the last. This tightness places pressure on the teeth so your teeth will eventually match your aligner.

As you switch out each tray with the succeeding aligner, the teeth will continue moving into position until they reach their final positions. You will need to go to follow-up appointments with your dentist in Santa Cruz, CA, every six to 10 weeks to make certain that the treatment is coming along as expected.

Ensuring The Success of Invisalign Treatment

You’ll need to wear your Invisalign trays for at least 22 hours daily to ensure that your teeth will go to their proper positions and match the tray you’re wearing. If you follow all your dentist’s instructions, you can expect to get straighter teeth in one year to 18 months. Depending on your specific circumstances, your dentist may recommend extra treatment time. Your dentist may also suggest retainers to ensure lasting results since our teeth could move and shift as we age.

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