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By E. John Baron DDS
January 05, 2018
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If your dentist recommends a root canal, you may feel anxiety leading up to this simple and common procedure. However, there is no root canalreason to fear a root canal. Proven by many years of use to be effective and safe, a root canal can repair your decayed or damaged tooth and even save the tooth’s structure, avoiding extraction. Find out more about root canal therapy and how it can benefit you with Dr. John Baron in Santa Cruz, CA.

What does root canal therapy do? 
Root canals repair damaged or decayed teeth which would often otherwise require extraction. The tooth’s inner pulp chamber, which houses the nerves which allow the tooth to feel pain, becomes infected and, in turn, causes a toothache. The root canal clears the inner tooth of the damaged tissue and removes the root, eliminating the toothache. Removing the damaged tissue from inside the tooth preserves the tooth’s outer structure below the gumline, allowing the tooth to continue to stimulate the bone in which it lies and preventing extraction-related issues like shifting teeth or bone atrophy.

Do I need a root canal? 
If you have a toothache, there is a good chance your dentist will suggest a root canal. However, your dentist may also recommend a root canal to avoid a toothache or other complications in the future. If your dentist catches a problem early, a root canal may be necessary to correct the issue and avoid complications down the road. Root canal therapy can also help save a tooth which has been damaged by trauma or injury.

Root Canal Therapy in Santa Cruz, CA
Lowering your chances of requiring a root canal is as easy as keeping your teeth decay-free and healthy. This means a strong at-home oral care routine and regular trips to see your dentist for preventative routine dental examinations and cleanings. Brush twice daily and floss at least once to ensure that you remove decay-causing plaque from the teeth before it can harden into tartar and cause decay. See your dentist at least twice a year to catch dental problems early and keep your teeth in the best condition possible.

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