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By E. John Baron DDS
April 27, 2017
Category: Dentistry

Sedation dentistry in Santa Cruz, California helps create a relaxed and calm experience for those that are fearful of dental work. With the sedation dentistryuse of sedatives, fearful patients can have a series of dental treatments in just one visit that would otherwise take them several visits. Different sedatives are used by Dr. E. John Baron fitting the needs of each particular patient.

Sedation Dentistry Options

Conscious sedation is one option that administers a sedative such as nitrous oxide to a patient. During the dental work, the patient is alert and awake but is slightly relaxed. Local anesthesia is another option that injects medication into tissue or is applied topically to eliminate any sense of feeling during procedures. Both are these are recommended for more minor procedures.

For more severe treatments or for severe cases of dental phobia, Dr. Baron may suggest the help of an anesthesiologist that puts a patient under for procedures. Oral conscious sedation is another option where patients take something orally. All of their bodily functions remain the same and they are able to breathe on their own. The patient may experience some amnesia on what happened.

Patients that are scared of the dentist oftentimes are hesitant to undergo any type of dental procedure, even an exam or cleaning. This puts them at risk of tooth decay and other future dental issues that could have been avoided with preventative dental care. However, with sedation dentistry in Santa Cruz, California, patients can get the check-ups and procedures they need in order to maintain their oral health. These sedatives make procedures seem fast, anxiety-free and relaxed.

To learn more about what sedation dentistry can do for you, call Dr. Baron’s office at 831-426-9200 today to schedule an appointment.

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