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When Should I be Replacing My Toothbrush?


As dental professionals, we have heard questions about toothbrush brand, longevity, and functionality a lot. Since your toothbrush is your primary instrument of dental care in most cases, these questions are quite relevant and important.


When it comes to the need to replace your toothbrush, you are going to want to look at how weathered it is, as well as how long you have been using it. A lot of people will use the same toothbrush for years at a time, without realizing that they should be replacing it much more often. Ideally, people should be replacing their toothbrushes or toothbrush heads every 3 months.


Since your toothbrush is being used a few times a day throughout this period, it is going to see a lot of wear. The bristles are going to wear out and become less effective, and the possible amount of contaminants present may also increase. Your brush simply loses its edge in functionality after a few months.


Therefore, we encourage people to replace their brushes in accordance with this timetable. However, expectations should always be made for issues that speed up the need to replace a toothbrush. For example if your toothbrush has it bristles visibly damaged or worn, it is a good idea to replace it.


Likewise, if the bristles turn harder and begin drawing blood, you should also replace it. We also would like to remind everyone that if you should knock your toothbrush into the toilet, please replace it. It is a very small investment to make. Toothbrushes are meant to be used, and then disposed of. Anything which occurs to compromise their sanitation or effectiveness should be cause to replace them quickly.


Take the best care possible of your teeth by keeping your brushes fresh. You will be glad that you did! 

Why You Need Your Teeth


Although brushing and flossing your teeth may get monotonous, have you ever taken time to think about how amazing your teeth are? Not many people take time to think about their teeth and what a blessing it is to have teeth. The next time that you are annoyed with brushing and flossing, just think…


  • Your teeth are the reason that you can chew. Just think about how sad it would be if you were not able to chew your favorite food! If you didn’t have teeth, you would not be able to chew your food.
  • Your teeth enable you to speak properly.  Just try to say anything with the “th” or “t” sound in it. Notice how your tongue touches up against your teeth? If you didn’t have teeth, you wouldn’t be able to make the noises that enable you to speak well.
  • Your teeth keep the shape of the lower part of your face. Your teeth affect the length and shape of your face and without teeth, others would be able to tell there was something wrong with your face.
  • Your teeth keep your jaw bones healthy and strong. If your jaw bones didn’t have teeth to support they would shrink and atrophy.


So, even though you may feel like your teeth require a lot of maintenance, just think of everything that they give back to you! When you go to bed tonight, you may have a different attitude about brushing and flossing.  

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