E. John Baron DDS, INC.
550 Water Street, Suite L-1
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 426-9200

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550 Water Street, Suite L-1
Santa Cruz, CA
(831) 426-9200 

John Baron, D.D.S.
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Our commitment to you is to provide excellent dentistry in a positive, secure environment that promotes your overall health and wellness.  We strive to create a happy, harmonious dental home that welcomes individuals with all needs.  We are committed to achieving the healthy, beautiful smile you have always wanted.  Come visit us in our Santa Cruz office or give us a call at (831) 426-9200.


Available Dental Procedures in Santa Cruz include:

Sedation Dentistry

Laser Technology for Gum Disease Treatment

CEREC Same Day Crowns

Adult Sedation Dentistry

Dental Implants



Metal Free Crowns and Fillings*Amalgam (silver) Filling Removal

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)*Bonding

Crowns and Bridges*Dentures

Root Canal Treatment


Dental Emergencies Welcome

Insurance Accepted

Over 30 years of Experience